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"The only show I would listen to...
if there were nothing else to listen to..."
                                    -Random Guy we
                                    asked for for feedback

How Did This Happen

How did this happen??? Drinks... Lots and lots of drinks...
It was the Fall of 2014... I think... Like I said... Lots of drinks... After a successful debut on the segment "Dumb A$$ Web Song" on Johnny's House on XL1067...

Melo and Anthony hit up Brian about coming down to the studio and dropping some dope lines on a song for the XL Cruise...

That hit led to the follow up "The Building Is On Fire"... and that led to a partnership in Kustom Made Records... and that led to the building of a Podcast Studio... and that led to "The Other Show"... and that my friends is how you make a Long Story Short...

Kustom Made Records

Get Social

Full production studio with a laid back feel... We create, record and mix diverse musical styles... Bring your talent and creativity and together we'll put together a hit... We also offer a professional radio quality Podcast Studio where we can produce and edit your show so you can share it with the world... Check Us Out NOW!

The Other Show

It started as a test for the Podcast Studio and became our own show... Brian (Johnny's House on XL1067) hosts the show along with Anthony, Melo, and Reece... and whoever happens to be in
the studio that day. Listen NOW!


Our beat up little Hip-Hop group that records out of Kustom Made Records... Anthony makes the tracks and Melo and Brian destroy them with some semi-dope rhymes.
Get "The Building Is On Fire" NOW!